Sagar’s Self-Catered Detached Living Space

Sagar and his family we’re looking for additional space at their home to accomodate for growing teenagers. Sagar knew having their own private self-contained space would help provide a much neeeded sanctuary not only for his kids, but also himself and his wife!

The Challenge

After firstly speaking with competitors, Sagar was struggling to find an affordable solution that maintained a high-level of quality. He investigated pre-built options, but these we’re going to exceed his budget. Not only this, but space needed to be flexible enough to accomodate a fully-equiped living space including a kitchenette, toilet and airconditioning. Sagar also had pre-approved plans meaning he needed the design and construction process to ensure they met approved building requirements.

The Solution

After a short consultation with Shed Living, Sagar quickly learnt how light-gauge steel options which allowed for onsite assembly and minimised freight cost could benefit his project. Not only that, for a comparible quality product to prefrabricated spaces, he could get it at a much more commercial rate without the need for it to be craned into his property. Sagar was pleased with choice of high quality finishes and cladding available – he’d never seen Sharpline cladding on a shed kit. Including a bathroom and kitchenette also wasn’t an issue at all.

Ordering Process

After a short design consultation to review his plans tocustomise his kit and select his prefered cladding, the designs we’re ready to be sent to the fabricators. A Fully fabricated kit was ready in weeks and delivered onsite for his installers to start construction. A seamless and speedy process.


The installation a little longer due to the plumbing and installation of the kitchenette. Despite this, Sagar’s kit was manufactuered and fully installed within 12 weeks.
Sagar’s Self-Catered Detached Living Space


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