Greg’s Music Studio

Greg first contacted us as an accomplished audio engineer based in Eastlakes, NSW. He faced the common challenge of working from home which meant distractions and limited space hindered his creative process, prompting him to seek a solution that would not only enhance his productivity but also create a dedicated space for his passion.

The Challenge

As an audio engineer, Greg required a soundproof and ergonomic environment to focus on his intricate work. Traditional home setups fell short, pushing him to explore alternative options. Greg required a space that not only

The Solution

Enter Shed Living, the go-to destination for bespoke backyard studios. Greg used one of our existing designs, with customisations for his particular use-case. The solution meant highly secure windows and doors to keep his audio engineering and music equipment safe, a beautiful & minimalistic interior to provide him with the space to foster creativity and high-quality sound proofing to ensure recording quality was maintained whilst allowing him to minimise outside noise and noise upsetting his neighbours.

Ordering Process

From the initial consultation to the final design approval, Shed Living’s seamless ordering process kept Greg in the loop. The four-week wait for his studio allowed anticipation to build. The engineering process took three weeks, ensuring meticulous attention to detail and customisation. Installation and fitoff was completed within 1 week. In all, 4 weeks turnaround from start to finish.


Efficiency met precision during the four-day installation phase. Shed Living’s expert team ensured that the studio not only met but exceeded Greg’s expectations. The swift installation meant minimal disruption to Greg’s daily routine.
I've never imagined how much difference a dedicated studio space could make. Shed Living turned my backyard into a haven for creativity. The soundproofing is exceptional, and the design is not only functional but aesthetically pleasing. It's more than just a studio; it's my sanctuary.
Greg’s Music Studio
Eastlakes NSW 2018


Shed Living’s commitment to craftsmanship and client satisfaction shines through in Greg’s backyard studio. This case study showcases how investing in a purpose-built space can transform not only a work environment but also one’s passion and creativity.

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