Affordable and Efficient Solutions for Australia’s Housing Market

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What the heck is a Smome or Shouse? A Shed-Home or Shed-House is the latest trend sweeping the Australian housing market. The idea of building a home with a shed-kit is becoming more and more popular given the current housing crisis.

Shed kit homes are gaining traction as a practical and cost-effective alternative to traditional construction methods. As the demand for affordable housing solutions continues to rise, these pre-fabricated structures offer several advantages that make them particularly favourable in the current market landscape.

Affordability and Cost Savings

Australia’s housing prices have been steadily increasing, with median house prices in major cities reaching new highs. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), the average cost of building a new house in Australia is over $320,000, making affordability a significant concern for many prospective homeowners.

Shed kit homes address this challenge by offering cost savings of over 20% compared to traditional construction methods, as reported by the Housing Industry Association (HIA). This affordability is achieved through streamlined manufacturing processes, reduced labour costs, and efficient material usage.

Speed of Construction

In a market where housing supply struggles to meet demand, the speed of construction is crucial. The ABS reports that the average time to build a new house in Australia is around 12-14 months. In contrast, Shed Living can deliver and build within 8-12 weeks.

This rapid construction timeline not only reduces waiting times for homeowners but also minimises exposure to market fluctuations and interest rate changes, providing a more secure investment pathway.

Supply Chain Resilience and Predictability

Australia’s construction industry has faced challenges with supply chain disruptions, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Australian Construction Industry Forum (ACIF) highlights that these disruptions have led to delays and increased costs for traditional construction projects.

Shed kit homes offer a more resilient solution by relying on standardised components manufactured in controlled environments. This approach minimises the impact of external disruptions and provides greater predictability in construction timelines and costs, as confirmed by industry reports from the Master Builders Association (MBA).

Customisation Options and Energy Efficiency

While shed kit homes are prefabricated, they offer extensive customisation options to suit individual preferences. The HIA notes that homeowners can choose from a range of designs, finishes, and energy-efficient features tailored to their needs.

Energy efficiency is a key consideration for many Australians, with rising concerns about environmental sustainability and energy costs. Shed kit homes can incorporate solar panels, high-quality insulation, and efficient heating/cooling systems, contributing to reduced energy consumption and lower utility bills, as reported by Sustainable Housing Australia.


In conclusion, shed kit homes present a compelling solution for Australia’s housing market, supported by key statistics highlighting their affordability, efficiency, supply chain resilience, customisation options, and energy efficiency. As housing affordability remains a pressing issue and construction industry challenges persist, shed kit homes offer a practical and sustainable pathway to homeownership.

With faster construction timelines, reduced costs, and increased flexibility, shed kit homes are well-positioned to meet the evolving needs of Australian homeowners and investors. Incorporating these innovative housing solutions into the market can contribute to a more accessible and resilient housing landscape for all Australians.

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